KPMG “Clara”. Smart Audit Platform

The analysis of data is integrated in the offer of KPMG (the company that provides audit, tax and legal, financial and business advisory services). It is KPMG´s way to obtain audit evidences and interact with its customers in the digital era.

So, this firm has launched “Clara” the Smart audit platform based on its audit methodology that allows all their professionals to work in a more intelligent way boosting the improvement of the audit quality through expanded analytical capabilities.

Clara improves the the bidirectional and interactive communication between the audited company and and the auditors team.

This platform also helps customers to detect significant patterns in the different  business units and geographical zones, which provides a more global view of its customers and competitors environment.

The D&A (Data and analysis) capabilities of Clara allows KPMG to resort to technology to analyze the 100% of an universe of data instead of applying sample techniques.

The cognitive technologies of the artificial intelligence type (IA) and the automatic learning, thanks to the alliance of KPMG with IBM Watson, will be incorporated more and more in the audit work.

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